New Career Path

The news is out! Our new Mary Kay Career Path is here bringing you more in terms of competitiveness and opportunities to earn alongside a more simplified and rewarding career journey. As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you will have opportunities to stretch your abilities, work alongside a team of passionate people and pursue your personal vision of success. And you'll be proud to be part of a company with a purpose: enriching women's lives. With Mary Kay, our new Career Path can really take you places!

Click here to contact one of our Independent Beauty Consultants for more information on how to maximise your potential! 

Get Started For Success

Whether you prefer to do business online, on the go, in person or at a party, we have provided you with a new and updated Starter Kit and Business Starter Set to help make your sales a snap!

The NEW Mary Kay Starter Kit Includes:

  • Mary Kay Tote Bag
  • TimeWise® Age Minimize 3D™ 4-In-1 Cleanser
  • Mary Kay® Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush
  • Mirror & Mesh Case pk/4
  • Disp. Facecloths pk/50
  • Disp. Mixing Trays pk/30
  • Mascara Wands
  • Sponge Tip Applicators pk/15
  • Customer Profile Cards pk/25
  • Customer Order Form pk/25
  • Look Book pk/5
  • Easy Getting Started Guide
  • NEW Mary Kay Logo Pin
  • NEW Welcome Card

    Price: $49 / NZ$49

The NEW Mary Kay Business Starter Set Includes:

  • NEW TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™
  • TimeWise® Day Solution SPF 30
  • TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine
  • Mary Kay® Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover
  • TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask
  • Clear Proof® Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask
  • Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara
  • Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen 15 (Light to Med)
  • NEW Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick in Raspberry Ice

    Price: $295 / NZ$325  Valued at: $494 / NZ$550!