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Skin Care Tips

Here's the latest in Skin Care news, tips, products and advice. When you're ready for customised solutions and advice for your specific needs, contact your personal skin care advocate: your Independent Beauty Consultant!

Start a Routine

Tip 1: If you mix products from different brands on different days, you may not be getting the full benefits. When you follow a daily skin care routine, that's when you'll start to see maximum results!

Hot & Cold

Tip 2: Water temperature can change how your skin feels. Super hot water can dry out your skin. Try washing your face with warm water to help dissolve dirt, then rinse with cooler water to refresh and revive.

Bright Future

Tip 3: Sun protection is the most important part of any skin care routine. Sun damage is the No. 1 cause of skin ageing but the solution is simple: consistent, daily application of an SPF moisturiser.

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