Independent Sales Director, Narelle White, shares her Mary Kay journey.

I began my Mary Kay journey over 10 years ago to simply get my products at a great price. I was a fairly new mum with a 19 month old, and, having previously worked as an Interior Designer, was quite accustomed to wholesale prices. So when I found out that I could save money on my skincare and makeup, I was interested. However, I was not interested in doing “parties” and definitely not interested in making it into a business because I never wanted to be one of “those mums” that other mums avoided. I was sick of product-hopping and trying to find a skincare system which worked, and so I was only interested in learning about the products I was using. I also had the simple attitude to just give it a go, I had nothing to lose and yet lots to gain in knowledge and cheaper products so I planned I would do this for only six months.

Which is quite funny to reflect on, so what changed in those six months…. I saw the power in bringing a group of women together. As women, we all wear so many hats and we never really know what’s going on underneath the surface. By sharing and showing our products, friends were able to come together and catch up, and if it was me making that happen, I was happy to be the reason for their girl time. When I took myself out of the picture and stopped worrying about having perfect product knowledge, my job became easier. I didn’t (and still don’t) go to appointments with dollar signs in my eyes. I never became one of those mums that other mums avoided because I use and wear what I believe in, and when women ask I proudly share and the products simply sell themselves. I loved that I could choose when I wanted to work; days and hours - I had flexibility and choice and I actually really loved meeting & helping women with their beauty needs.

After the birth of my second daughter in 2010, I was an exhausted mum standing at my kitchen bench in my PJ’s, sleep deprived, hair a mess and a bare face. Despite how I felt (and looked), I decided to do some customer service, and in my state the best at that time was to pop a text out which may have taken me an hour. To my surprise, I sold over $1000 without leaving the house, WHAT?? That was $400 income, that was nappies, groceries etc. I felt valued because I was contributing financially and I felt worthy. Something about having kids, you seem to loose a little of yourself. You know what you’re doing is important, but this was different, I was home looking after my three-year-old & three month old daughters “not working”.
My turning point, where I saw the bigger picture and knew without doubt that I wanted more was at Seminar 2011. I was inspired and I left with a goal, a clear path of what I wanted and where I was going. I knew what I was capable of at the time with personal sales, but I knew I had to stretch and get out of my comfort zone. So with planning, riding the ups and downs and with an incredibly supportive and encouraging husband, at Seminar 2012 I was awarded #4 in Consultant Personal Sales in Australia/New Zealand with sales of $77,835. I had achieved my goal of being in the Top 10, but my position didn’t matter, I just wanted more. By simply changing my mindset, and for the first time ever, in having a goal of beating my best, I had created momentum and it changed the operations of my business and I grew personally.

After Seminar 2012, I made a Dream Board. I had a photo taken of me in the Director jacket at the time and got quite emotional and I knew I wanted to share my job with other women. The vision I had on my Dream Boards and the momentum I had created from 2011 to 2012 surged me forward, and when it was time for our 2013 Seminar in July, I attended as a Director, having qualified in February. I also had the opportunity to travel to China in April for the Red Jacket Rally, and even extended my trip and climbed the Great Wall! An added bonus, I was awarded #2 in Consultant Personal Sales in Australia/New Zealand with $88,009.
I never imagined that 10 years ago by simply giving it a go with a very careless attitude and saying yes to an opportunity that allowed me to buy my products cheaper would it lead to a career that would offer me so much more than a lippy! I have run my Mary Kay as a hobby in the beginning, casual whilst I dabbled back in my design career, part-time as a young mum and today full time with part-time hours all whilst being a Mum to my beautiful daughters, Olivia & Claudia who inspire me to be my best because I know little eyes are watching. I can, without hesitation say that I am so grateful for the flexible lifestyle that works around my family, that I can choose when I want to work and not have it be dictated to me by a boss. I get to put my family first, picking up my girls from school, going to school excursions, school holidays and just being present. Mary Kay is a company where we are all praised for our successes and encouraged to be our best – never pushed or forced to do anything that we are unwilling to do. I am grateful to have been rewarded with stunning jewellery, travel and endless experiences and I am most grateful that I get to share my job with other positive women looking for more for themselves and their families.

Having been a Director now for the past five years and nine months, I can honestly say it has been a very enriching time in my life, a time of growth, gratitude and surrealness. There are times I have been tested and had self-doubt, when I have wondered why I am doing this, but it is funny how life leads us on our paths. I know that there is a reason my Mary Kay door opened in my life when it did, and has never closed because I know with the new Business model, it is now so much better to pass on because I truly want what I have in my life for many other women. Mary Kay has changed my mindset, thinking and vocabulary, to the point I hear my words of encouragement and empowerment coming back at me from my daughters. I have a renewed determination for this business and new energy to share with the women in my team whom I love mentoring and developing them to reach their professional goals. To share the Mary Kay opportunity with more women, to give back and help women have more in life, it is truly empowering to think that this girl who just gave it a go to get out of the house 10 years ago has and will continue to make a difference to so many other women. It is the friendships made with my team and with my clients, the stories and moments shared that means the world to me and probably the reason I continue to do what I do. I am blessed that I get to do life with inspirational positive women both in my colleagues, my unit and my clients.