Condition, Prime and Line Lips

Before you dive into lip colour, don’t forget to prep and pamper lips.

Step 1: Condition

Buffing lips and applying a lip balm helps to exfoliate and then hydrate lips so they look their best – even without lip colour. Satin Lips® Shea Sugar Scrub and Satin Lips® Shea Butter Balm are great for helping to condition lips. Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells that cause lips to appear dull and lifeless. Butter Balm moisturises dry, rough lips for at least six hours.

Step 2: Line

You may want to consider lip liner first, once you’re ready to apply lip colour. Makeup artists use lip liner to not just line lips, but also to create a base for lipstick and lip gloss to help lip colour last longer.

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