Live Fearlessly™ Eau de Parfum

50 ml


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Exude unmistakable confidence with notes of energising ginger, bold rose and warm, roasted tonka bean.

“Courage is the art of doing what we fear, no matter how difficult. Courage is truth. Courage is confidence.” – Mary Kay Ash

Tell Your Story.™

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Live Fearlessly™ Eau de parfum

Every day, you show the world how fearless you are. Confidently embracing life and all its possibilities. Always staying true to yourself and what you believe in. Celebrate your fearlessness. See the beauty in your strength.

Tell Your Story™

Application Tips

Spray wherever fragrance is desired. Scents are often applied to pulse points. Pulse points are locations on the body where blood vessels are closest to the skin (wrists, behind the ears, base of the throat, inside the crook of your elbow, behind knees and inside ankles). The skin is warmer in these areas, which can help fragrance evolve and provide a better sensory experience.

Allow the fragrance to mist onto your skin. If the area feels wet, you may be holding the bottle too close. You will begin to smell the fullness of the fragrance within a few minutes, once the top notes are released.

Key Ingredients

Top Notes: Italian bergamot, ginger Laos ORPUR®, lush petals

Heart: Bold rose, muguet, orchid

Background: Sustainable roasted Tonka bean, cedarwood ORPUR®, Australian sandalwood, vanilla musk, Cosmone®