Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel



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Let this fruity-floral scent colour your senses and inspire you to seek and find happiness in your every day.

  • Watery Melon Kiss, Crispy Pear, Alphonso Mango
  • Jasmine, Watery Floral Accord
  • Violet Leaves, Amber, Blue Musk
You can receive a bag FREE when you purchase the Shower Gel with Chase a Rainbow™ Bpdy Lotion and Fragrance Mist as a set.

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  • Overview
Mary Kay® Believe + Wonder™ Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel
Like a rainbow against the backdrop of a bright, blue sky, the fruity-floral scent of Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel bursts with colour. Seeking and finding happiness in your every day has never been this exciting. Complete this experience with Chase a Rainbow™ Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist, each sold separately. Chase a Rainbow™ Shower Gel is part of Believe + Wonder™, a collection of inspirational fragrance mists, shower gels and body lotions which also are available in Paint the Sky™ scents. Each scent is designed to open your eyes to the infinite possibilities all around you and wonder: What if? What now? And what’s next? Clarify your next move by believing in the power of your dreams.